Saturday, January 2, 2021

 Blessings of the new year 2021!  Woo Hoo!  Here comes the sun, here comes the change...look for it everywhere.

Just entered a poetry contest, sharing my entry here.  This is a love poem to Lady Gaia.  So much love, so much light, so many blessings to ALL. 

Within Her Beating Heart

Before my sleepy eyes

I dreamt this time
This world
This now

 I call, I wait

The sun beams its vibrant light
On my heavenly heart
And all is well

The titter birds swoop and sing

Loud they call and I look
Watching, wondering
Which way they fly and why
Back and forth they come
Searching for I know not

The light beams arc and flow
Deep into my soul
I live I laugh I know
I call and wait
For what do I wait
For who or is it whom

I plunge my energetic hands
Into the crystals of light
I spin and sink and rise and fall
In one breathless moment
Waiting, loving, giving
Wondering what and when
Will the prize be opened
Before my sleepy eyes…

When the earth calls I answer
When the rains fall I lift my face in smile
Seeing rainbows everywhere
The dragon on my cheek smiles sweetly beneath Goddess’ feet

And she…She serene as always
Holds my passion still within her beating heart

 May 18, 2009 Rhea Summer Rain

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