Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Firsts…when I was young the first crystal that called to me was citrine.  Called to me is an interesting phrase as to what happened.  I woke up one day and decided that I needed a citrine pendant.  I had purchased and owned a turquoise ring that I bought in San Francisco when I was just 19.  But really didn’t own nor desire jewelry.  Having been a young woman who rarely desired much.  Not needing or wanting to be swept up into the “buying culture” that I had been born into in the 1950’s.  A child of the 60’s I was self-sufficient and enjoyed the experience of living in a body…but wasn’t attached to all the drama and Maya (illusionary world) around me.

Looking back I realize that my outlook, my view of the world was very different than most people of my age group.  There were some I admired, Swami Satchitanada, a guru who I first encountered at Woodstock.  Herman Hess, who wrote Siddhartha.  Ken Kesey, Ursula Le Guin, many authors whose views and fantasies resonated with my being.  But few that I called my friends or acquaintances were thinking in ways that appeared to be similar to mine.  Many of my friends just wanted to get high.  Getting high was fun.  I enjoyed my mind playing in other dimensions, but again wasn’t attached to outcomes.  I wasn’t expecting to become enlightened because I took LSD or smoked some herb or other.  I was just along for the experience and interested in how things flowed.  How things flowed, another interesting phrase.  One that has been integral to my entire life experience.

So I was a bit surprised when I woke up with this desire to have a citrine pendant.  I wanted it, wanted to wear it, wanted to feel it next to my skin.  Later I learned that crystals had metaphysical properties (properties that could be related to our personal journeys).  I learned that citrine opens the portal between spirit and matter.  It doesn’t hold any negative energies.  It brings prosperity and joy.  And it was this clear golden color that washes over me every time I see it.  WOW, what more could I ask for?    Since I really wasn’t wanting to get a job, own a house, get married and have kids like my peers.  I could have this amazing, beautiful being in my life.  I went on a quest and learned a lot about citrine.  I finally found a citrine point in pendant form and purchased my first crystal.  Thus my love of crystals was born.  My love of stone people having been part of my life previously, I was always in awe of simple rocks found at the beach or in the mountains.  I found myself on a new path of discovery.  Discovering all the incredible ways our mother Gaia births forth her beauty, her intricate geometric forms and energies for our enjoyment and well-being.

Many years and journeys later I found myself working at the Crystal Room in Mt. Shasta, California.  Working here I am gifted with the opportunity to learn a whole new aspect of stone people.  Crystal Singing Bowls are here now to work with and assist us in our evolution and ascension.  They are the next wave of energetic transference of light and love from our planet and the cosmos.  We are so blessed to be receiving these resonant patterns into our lives and I am so blessed to offer insight and guidance on their use.  This is my first blog about crystals and crystal singing bowls.  

If you resonant with anything written here or want to learn more, check back as there is more to come from one of Gaia’s beloveds. 

rhea summer rain, in service to the one heart