Wednesday, May 11, 2022


CLEAR EYES-Dissonance /disintegration, happening now in 2020-2024.  All that is isn’t.  All is appearing too complex, too fraught with unnecessary aspects of force.  Watching the news, ha more like watching an infomercial.  Just the highlights please, don’t bother with the background.  There used to be a show on TV long ago, a cop show, Dragnet, where the detectives would investigate and ask witnesses  of a crime questions.  The lead detective would say “Just the facts mam.”  Just the facts.  Well, we have gotten so far from the facts, I wonder what they are. 

Lost in a world of hype.  More and more we are looking for something outside ourselves to fill the gaps in our hearts.  But I know those gaps will not be filled by anything we create outside.  So, we look inside and see what?  Everyone wants us to work hard, to make it work.  To fix it, to splatter paint on it and make it appear as though the illusion is real.  But in our hearts we know it is not real.  We are dissolving all that is not real. 

We are on the precipice of something entirely new and it is frightening.  So we hide from ourselves and put up barriers to the truth we see.  Why?  Why not just let it happen?  Because then we are uncoupled from the many tethers we have built and floating free in space.  The universe is vast, and welcoming us forward.  How can we simply let go and open to this new way of being? 

Perhaps we are here to do just exactly what we are doing.  Question, everything and be dissonant.  Some of us at least do it so well that others are working very hard to contain or control what is unable to be contained or controlled.  Is our freedom being taken away by this?  I think not, I think our freedom is being expanded.  It is the fear of what is to come that keeps us buying guns, forcing others to see things our way, locking away those who try to open our eyes, stopping anyone not like us from simply being.

We are so vast and so small.  If we take a moment to look deeply at ourselves, what do we see?  What is within that is so fearsome?  How does this internal fear express in the world outside of us?

I am trying to simplify all my actions and reactions to life.  To see with clear eyes and to stand on the earth as a being of light that I know I am.  I see your light.  I feel your being.  I know your fear.  I am your love.  Let us flow together to the new earth, the unfettered free beings that we are.  Be loved and well, Rhea Summer Rain 5/11/2022

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Blessings all, recently spent time with my friends in Santa Cruz.  Inspired to share this short poem I wrote for them:

For Danilla, Lance and Bindi 2/19/2022

My friend has a fountain

My friend has a fountain
It draws the critters
That live in her woods and seek her light

The Squirrels sit and wait
looking for seeds
no longer there

The birds
Oh the birds, flocking in droves
to drink and wash
Finches and Jays
Humming birds and Robins
Quail and Nuthatches All…

They wing in and drink
in synchronized order
No rushing, no pushing
no need to be first
They simply come and share
the life and light.

My dream for my friends
is to be like the birds
Flying in and drinking in Life
and knowing all is well.

Rhea Summer Rain

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

 What happened to the Dream?

Article I wrote for the Compass, a Jesuit Journal, March/April 1996, entitled “A Time of Reawakening:

Peace, love, freedom, happiness.  Four words, chanted, sung in refrain.  Dreams hoped for by each of us.

Peace – peace for the people of Vietnam, for the soldiers of American, young men leaving home to die or to kill other young men, women and children.  Peace for all people on Mother Earth.  Love – love for your brother, your sister, your family of human beings.  Free love, between men and women, women and women, men and men.  Love, not owning another, the feeling between beings, the feeling of love for all life.  A feeling energy allowing you to encompass your own center, radiating light and sharing it with another.

Freedom, freedom, ah freedom.  Freedom from oppression, from stereotypes, from intolerance. Freedom to be, to act, to unveil the true self within, the you in the moment.

And when you have these three – peace, love and freedom – will you not then be happy?  Happiness – bliss, radiant, smiling faces.

Yes, I remember sitting in mud in a rainstorm listening to the sounds of the Grateful Dead and Joni Mitchell, and the words of wisdom from Swami Satchitananda.  I remember passing food, water and mind-altering drugs to other people sitting in the mud at Woodstock, New York.  I remember sharing a desire to be one in bliss.

I remember placing flowers in the gun stocks of California National Guardsmen surrounding the People’s Park in Berkeley in the summer of 1970.  I remember travelling across the United States in a van with six other long-haired freaks and visiting my family in central Nebraska.  My uncle putting us to work on the farm and singing and feasting at the end of the day.  I remember thinking, “This is Nebraska?  Even if these are my relatives, I didn’t expect such a warm welcome.”

I remember a magic time when people young and old with differing views of how things should work, of how things should be done, worked together for a common cause.

In the 1960s in America we were reawakened.  We began to see how we as a people deeply affected one another and other peoples, other nations.  In the 1990s, all the chaos and apparent disorder of our age is but a stronger challenge for us to deepen our understanding of peace, love, freedom and happiness that we all long for.  I believe the Age of Aquarius lives on. We are blessed.”

This feels very apropos for 2022...much love to all--J. Rhea Harlow

Saturday, March 13, 2021

March 13, 2021

Thoughts on the Corona virus and bats...


Quickly he passes
wafting wind in my ear
a close encounter.

Your world is dark,
the night surrounds you
with a void of
pleasant sounds and scents.

You wait for naught
weaving into flight and go
curl and die.

Die to this life
to this time
to the old ways of seeing.

you open and are reborn.
You awaken inside
the crystal vortex.
You are a shimmering
rainbow of light.

You know you are all that is,
hologram of being...

Tuesday, February 23, 2021


What is it you want?

What is it you desire to be

Or to become

That you are not already?

You are the sun

Filtering through the leaves

You are the flight of


Of many

Of all

That has come before

Of all that is to come

What do you want?

What do you want?

I ask myself…

My thinking, conscious self

No answers are forthcoming

Only space

Infinite space

Unfolding into my heart

Reaching into my soul

And smiling at my unfathomable


I want all beings to be free

Free of pain and suffering

Free of fear

Free to give and receive love,

Light, and the promise of all that is.

If you are wanting some of the same, contact me, email me, lets find out how we can create this new earth being together.  How we can add friends and soul mates to our quest and embody the highest good for all.  Mahalo Nui Loa, Rhea