Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Meditation – the gateway to the soul.
Taking off on another tack from last week…I want to share my thoughts and feelings on Meditation.  If you are not meditating regularly, you are missing out on one of life’s richest treasures.  I encourage everyone to meditate.
Meditation provides an illuminated path for shifting the Ego Self of the Soul, into Spiritual Oneness.  In meditation we shift vibrationally and connect with our own true Self, recognizing our spiritual journey as our life’s purpose.  We become focused, centered, grounded, balanced, harmonious and receive deep genuine feelings of calm and relaxation. In the simple act of going within, shifting our energy, and BEing within, we free our perceptions of the rules, regulations and judgments of reality outside our personal knowing.  Recognizing that all our answers and needs are met by simply going within.
You can meditate on your breath.  One of the most simple and effective meditations available.  Your breath is a huge metaphor for the pulse of life.  When you breathe in, you are saying to the world:  “Yes, I want to be here.  I want to be part of this.”  When you breathe out, you are saying “Here!  Here is my gift back to you.  Here is my breath, myself”.
A simple breath meditation and mantra is to breathe in:  Ah.   And to breathe out:  So.  Or simply (breathe in) I (breathe out) AM.  Ah So however, translated as I AM, has an affinity with the breath and sounds like the in-breath and the out-breath.  You can hear this internally when you listen to your own inhale and exhale.  You need not count or try to make the inhale or the exhale longer than the other.  Simply watch, breathe and allow your awareness to BE. 
The mind will want to run around and play with you.  Allow it.  Become the watcher, you will learn much about yourself this way.  Allow your thoughts to simply float in and out of your awareness without becoming attached to following a certain train of thought.  Simply return your awareness back to the inhale and the exhale each time you find yourself wandering.
Breath is the Key…body is the vehicle…mind is the awareness…and heart is the way.  We are bringing heaven to earth.  You are invited to partake of this awakening.  This is happening in our cells, our physical bodies, our light bodies, and throughout our multi-dimensional BEing. 
If you are already a meditator, try something new.  Try walking meditation, standing meditation, or lying down meditation.  Sitting is not a requirement.  Sleeping through your session while enjoyable and sometimes even healing will not advance your knowing.   Be open, be still, be aware, BREATHE and know you are God.

OH yeah, and of course, there are some amazing crystals that amplify and enrich our meditation experience also.  Try celestite (to bring the bring the angelic celestial energies).  Ametrine (a combination of amethyst and citrine) to clear, protect and center your awareness.  Smoky quartz (to anchor, protect and clear your intentions).  Many more beautiful beings from our mother Gaia are available to play with in your personal quiet time.  We are so blessed!
Feel free to comment or contact me for more instruction or assistance with this practice.  

Blessings and love to all in the multiverse, in service to the one heart, I AM, rhea summer rain